Terry And Rooney Killing Kangaroos

Footballers such as Chelsea’s John Terry and Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney have come under fire for having a role to play in the killing of Kangaroo’s and the deaths of the Kangaroo babies who both provide skin for certain football boots they have worn. By wearing boots made by big manufacturers who use this kangaroo skin in their football boots these players have come under criticism from many Animal welfare campaigns who have noted the cruelty of these killings simply for the leather.

Kangaroo football bootsThese campaigners are wanting the ban of killing the kangaroos for their skins and a European ban is being requesting to deal with this issue. The likes of Adidas and Nike all use Kangaroo skin as well as Puma who also use them to make some of the top football boots available.

Many footballers have in fact stopped wearing boots made from kangaroo leather, David Beckham stopped wearing Kangaroo leather boots in 2006 after graphic video was sent to him showing the slaughter of the Kangaroos by Viva an animal welfare campaign group. The companies all have released statements stating that they do use Kangaroo leather however that the Kangaroos killed are done so in humane and legal ways that comply with regulations in the countries they are in.

We feel that although many of the top manufacturers do use Kangaroo skin to create football boots they all do this legally and in compliance with local laws and so it’s largely up to the authorities to create legislation that helps in regard to this.

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Posted on June 26, 2010

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