Football Boots For Charity

We initially wrote about an ex boxer who was wanting old football boots for Africa and now a Ford Dealership have also just recently decided that they would ask for football boots in order to send to charities as well. The Ford dealership is based in Chelmsford and is called Dagenham Motors.

Football Boots for AfricaThis dealership has become an official deposit point for dropping off old football boots in order to donate them to children in Africa who play without anything on their feet at all. The charity was set up by Sheffield. F.C and is aiming to get as many pairs of boots as possible to Africa. They are also wanting football shirts and trainers that they can give to children in Africa who are not as lucky as you and me who can go and buy some.

If you have a some football boots and want to donate them you can drop them off when the Dealership is open and the address is below:

Cuton Hall Lane, Springfield,

You may drop them off until the end of the Fifa world cup which is on July 11th, you may want to ask friends and family if they have any spare trainers, football boots or shirts they want to donate and bring them in at the same time. Also if you just have one boot then thats fine too as these are useful for those who have lost a leg in a landmine.

For more information visit the charity sites.


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