adidas nitrocharge 2.0 Boot Test & Review

The adidas nitrocharge 2.0 boot was tested and reviewed by boot tester, PlayerzOfFootball from Netherlands. The nitrocharge 2.0 is the scaled down version to the 1.0 premium version and it lacks the HYBRIDTOUCH upper, ENERGYSLING and ENERGYPULSE and it is essentially designed for the youth/developing player wanting to enhance their skills.

Check out the boot tester and review above and here are PlayerzOfFootball’s thoughts:

Comfort: The first time I played with the Nitrocharge 2.0 the boots felt a bit uncomfortable, it felt too narrow at the point where the Energysling meets the sole. But after 5 hours playing football I broke these boots in. After you break them in the boots feel very good. The upper wraps around your foot perfect. The boots are at the front foot tight but feels good, that is because of the Energysling. The midfoot and the heel fits perfectly and is really comfortable.


Size: Normally I buy my boots in size UK 8.5UK/EU 43 but I bought those boots in UK 9.5/EU 44. I recommend to buy these half a size bigger.

Touch: The material is very soft. The Energysling is a bit stiff. The 1.0’s gives you better touch than the 2.0’s, because there is a bit more grip on the Energysling. But the touch and feel for the ball is just good enough, I had no problems with it.

Durability: The material is very solid and soft. The durability is very good, no rubbings. I have them already 2 weeks now, and I play almost every day with them, they still look like I bought them yesterday (except they are a bit dirty). I’m very satisfied with durability, build quality and the material.

Weight: The weight is about 240 grams in size 9.5UK/44EU. In my opinion weight doesn’t really mind. But I think the weight is good.


Looks: In my opinion the boots look nice. I prefer modern looking boots, this colorway of the Nitrocharge is a modern looking boot. I think they don’t look very special but they just look nice.

Protection: The boots give enough protection. On the toes there are protection pads. I think it’s less painful if someone steps on your foot and you are wearing the Nitrocharge than wearing for example the F50’s.

Stamina: The boots are great for stamina, because of the Energysling you won’t slip around in your boot and that’s why you don’t lose any energy while running. You don’t get the ENERGYPULSE feature, it’s only included in the Nitrocharge 1.0, this increases energy output through the soleplate. The boot is called The Engine. The Nitrocharge is an energy boot.


Overall: I give those boots 8.5 out of 10 points because they are sure worth the money. If I had to rate these boots without looking to the price, I would give these boots 7 out of 10. Great comfort, good protection, nice looking boot, very good durability. Touch and feel for the ball is good. The only thing is that you don’t have some features which the 1.0’s do have (like the ENERGYPULSE). Overall a great boot to Nitrocharge you game!


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