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Nike Hypervenom Phantom Boot Test & Review

The Nike Hypervenom Phantom boot was tested and reviewed by boot tester, Bailey Patten from USA. The Hypervenom Phantom is designed for enhanced agility and striking and it was first unveiled in May 2013 and Brazilian superstar Neymar was the headline player revealing and wearing the boots at the 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup.

Check out the boot tester and review above and here are Bailey Patten’s thoughts:

Intro: This is Nike Hypervenom Phantom FG boot. Released in the US on May 27, 2013 in the agility category. As you all may know the Hypervenom replaced the T90 series that originally came out in 2000. Neymar was the image, if you will, for these cleats. He’s a type of quick explosive player. The Phantoms come with Nike’s ACC technology, said to help in both wet and dry conditions. The stud pattern is said to have very good traction.


Price: The Hypervenom has 3 other cheaper versions going from Phatal (US$130), Phelon (US$75), and Phade (US$40). The Hypervenom has three colour ways including the black/bright citrus, the flash lime/white/black and the dark charcoal/total crimson/black and now on Nike.com you can customize these cleats which is pretty sweet. The Hypervenom Phantoms come in FG for grass, AG for turf, and SG for soft wet ground. There is an indoor version but it’s not the Phantom it is the Nike Hypervenom Phelon Indoor Court. I also believe it comes in TF which is for turf. The price I paid for the Nike Hypervenom Phantom FG was $225. A pretty penny but worth every cent.

First Impressions: The things that I noticed straight out of the box were the weight and feel. They are very light and reason being I believe is the “Nikeskin.” The ‘Nikeskin’ is very thin. It reassembles snake skin as you see in all the ads. The “Nikeskin” is very grippy and you can feel that out of the box. The insole is extremely thin. The Nike signs shown on the cleat look as if they are backwards but in my opinion it gives it a very distinct look.

Looks: The Nike Hypervenom Phantom is very bright. It’s hard to take your eyes off them. The first time I wore them on the pitch everyone was interested in them. It’s almost impossible to not see these boots. They stick out and people won’t get their eyes off you! They are very futuristic looking and thats something I love. These spikes look good. The Upper looks absolutely incredible! Definitely a new type of design for a cleat with the skin and the directions the Nike “swooshes” flow. The skull and crossbones give the cleat a Deadly feel for an explosive attack. Simply put these cleats are going to get you some looks for sure! The looks of these cleats blow any others out of the water, I give them an easy 10/10!

Comfort: These are the most comfortable cleats I’ve ever owned. They aren’t very stiff out of the box. Like every cleat the Nike Hypervenom Phantoms are going to need some break-in time. I’ll have you know that the Phantom’s break-in period is short, simple and most importunely, fun! I experienced zero blisters in these boots even being the first time wearing them was in a pick-up game. The boot molds to the bottom of your foot making for maximum comfort and mobility. The “Nikeskin” to me is like a second layer of skin that wraps very ideally around my foot. They are wider than my Vapors and that’s not something to complain about in my book. After wearing these for 90 minutes I didn’t want to take these boots off and I yearn to put these spikes on everyday. Comfort is a perfect 10/10!


Touch: Due to the ultra thin upper the touch is outstanding. You feel the ball in ways you never have before. The “Nikeskin” is the start of a new revolution. Receiving that first touch is simply put, easy. The touch gives for an amazing first feel for the all and you’re off! Giving that pass with these cleats is like a job. Nice for passing making everything you do very accurate. From free-kicks to finesse shots, power to passes, they are all simply dreams in the Nike Hypervenom Phantoms. They give you crisp passes, straight power, crooked knuckles, and bent curves. The grippy, stickiness of the “Nikeskin” can help you to bend a ball in any direction your heart desires, although, there is a downside. When carrying down the field I tend to push the ball with my foot while taking small touches, and because of the intense “grippy-ness” of the “Nikeskin” the ball doesn’t roll, instead it sticks to the cleat, and not roll, causing me to trip over the ball. . I would give the Touch an 8/10.

Speed: There isn’t much to be said about the speed of the Nike Hypervenom Phantoms. They are soo light!! They are quick, fast, abrupt, agile, and brisk. The sole plate gives you excellent feel for the ground and makes me feel confident in my turns, helping me sprint and turn faster while knowing I won’t slip. The traction and grip is awesome. The spikes dig in the ground and stick. The Speed of these bad boys is a superb 10/10.

There is only one major fault in these spikes I am not impressed with, how uncommonly thin the upper is. While playing in a game with the Nike Hypervenom Phantoms I pulled a ball and in the process an opponent stepped on my foot. I know what you’re thinking it’s the game of football and those things happen. I agree. But due to the extreme thinness of the upper it offers very, very litter protection. That happened to me over two weeks ago and I’m still feeling it. If you’re looking for a protective cleat than don’t expect to be on the pitch in the Nike Hypervenom Phantoms. If speed is a more important category than protection look no further.

Durability: These boots are very durable. The sole plate feels very nicely attached. The boot is very well constructed and put together. Making for ultimate durability. I know these cleats will later me a long time!

When it comes to the Nike Hypervenom Phantoms I wouldn’t really think twice. I was skeptical when buying but I am glad I got them. No regrets. If you’re questioning whether to buy these stop now because they are the cleats to have. You will dread being on the pitch in any other boot. These cleats are awesome! As you can tell they’re selling out fast. Go grab a pair of Nike Hypervenom Phantoms before its too late!


About the Tester: In boots, I look for comfort and speed. I play Right Mid and occasionally Striker. I’m From Corry, Pa in the United States. I wear Size 10(us) Boots. On the pitch my number is 10. My favorite boots of all time have got to be the Nike Mercurial Vapor Superflys, those boots were something else! My Favorite team is Real Madrid, I just jumped on the bandwagon, haha! My favorite player is Germany’s finest, Mesut Özil because of his unselfishness on the pitch, his assists are great and he can score when he needs to too. I prefer Blades over Studs but I’ll wear either of the two.

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Posted on August 10, 2013 Blake

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