adidas F50 adiZero Prime?

There are leaked images available on the internet of the new football boots from adidas, which are expected to replace the original adiZeros.

From these pictures, it seems that the adidas F50 adiZero Primes will not bring with them a revolution, but they do involve certain changes.

First of all, the trademark adidas 3 stripes on the outside of the upper will be a little shorter, while there is a whole new sub-design of stripes on the instep.

With respect to its exact weight, there is some speculation that these cleats will weigh a mere 4.9 oz, which would make them the lightest ever. However, others say that it will weigh as much as the current adiZero model at a very light 5.9 oz.

    Alassane Kane:

    Are the adidas primes as light as the adizeros that are out now?

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