Snow Leopard Nike Mercurial Vapor VI?

Leaked images show the new Mercurial Vapor VIs, with a colourway inspired by the snow leopard.

These are likely to be limited release cleats, perhaps having a sort of unique serial number.

The Mercurial range has a reputation for bright colours, but would Nike be going a bit too far with this design?

    Tobias Wilimzik:

    I think it’s perfect I love mercurial and fall on you.
    Until now, the pink vapor my favorite shoes but the leopard shoes are awesome

    and i’m german 14-years-old boy

    Florian Lohr:

    The best shoes i`ve ever seen . when the`re out the first thing i do , buy this shoes !!!!

    Gabriel Lapuste:

    Theyre probably the best boots that had ever existed! Love the style on them!!! Wel I am Romanian and 14 years old and I live in Ireland!


    je trouve canmemme ki vons inpeut loin avec les mercurial leopard les prochaine ca va etre koi des tache de tigre

    المايسترو الخطيب:

    So beautiful


    best cleats ever..i always wear them when i play.

    chris cardiel:

    how much are they? where can someone get them?

    Carlos Jimenez:

    ke masiso esos tacos.

    Dany Fotbalistu:


    Saïd Bayoumi:


    Jenelle Thompson:

    I want them, I want them, I WANT THEM!!!!!!!!!!!! someone PLEASE tell me where I can get a pair for a reasonable price.

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