Reebok Valde Pro II

The Reebok Valde Pro IIs incorporate natural super-soft kangaroo leather, positioned to give great ball touch and feel, and providing a comfortable fit around the boot collar.

A unique two-tone colourway is used here. Therefore, the colours used alternate on the instep and the outstep of both left and right boots.

Reebok’s Power Unit Technology in both the sole plate and the upper delivers more power, swerve and accuracy.

This is because the cleat absorbs less power when striking the ball, meaning that your shots are truer, harder and faster.

Strategically positioned carbon-fibre inserts are placed in the forefoot of the sole plate, allowing only a one-directional flex of the boot. The natural movement of the foot is accommodated, but deformation when striking the ball is reduced, so the metatarsals do not bend back too far unnecessarily.


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