Classic boots : Mitre

Mitre is a supplier of sportswear and sports equipment, based in England and established in 1817. Mitre is considered to be the world’s oldest manufacturer of footballs, and it expanded into the provision of sports footwear in 1960.

Denis Law became the first official Mitre endorsee in 1964; in the same year, he also went on to win the prestigious European Footballer of the Year award, being the only Scottish football player in history to do so. However, at that time, it was reported that Law was not a great fan of the Mitre product. Note that Stuart Pearce, of Manchester City and England, has worn Mitre football boots in 1977.

Mitre cleats are still in production, although they do not currently make much of an impression as opposed to the large and medium-sized brands.

For example, the Mitre Revolve Pro boasts a one-piece velcro closure, that covers the lacing system and gives a clean striking zone. The synthetic upper is lightweight, yet protective, making these cleats quite comfortable.


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