Classic Boots : Patrick

Patrick is a sportswear company headquartered in Oudenaarde, East Flanders (Belgium), founded by Patrice Beneteau in 1892.

Through the 1970s and 1980s, Patrick football boots were immensely popular, adorning the feet of legends of the game like Michel Platini.

The English footballer Kevin Keegan was also notably sponsored by Patrick, but, in his 1997 autobiography, he claimed that he was unimpressed with the cleats and only wore them for the money.

Heading into the 1990s, the rise of Nike and their subsequent big-money sponsorship battles with adidas caused Patrick to step away from football for a while.

The famous Belgian referee Frank De Bleeckere has collaborated with Patrick in 2009 to construct a shoe especially for referees, whereas the brand today sponsors S.V. Zulte Waregem in Belgium and F.C. Rostov in Russia.

Nowadays, Patrick still manufactures football boots, as well as running shoes, cycling shoes, basketball shoes, tennis shoes and rugby shoes.


Posted on October 07, 2010 Justin


  1. Sean K Reply

    Had a pair of Patrick Kevin Keegan, kangaroo leather, so comfy, I was playing 3 times a week, best boots ever had! So when I started out coaching nearly 40 years later I bought a pair of Patrick. Well the studs fell off and the soles split, total rubbish. such a shame!

  2. Jim Hunter Reply

    Patrick boots had a major problem which to this day has never been rectified. The studs used to break in the sole and the sole used to break across the foot arch. This still happens today. My brand new pair lasted 4 days……4 days, not 4 games. 4 days training with no actual football match played. Gutted.

  3. Karl Patten Reply

    Had a pair of patrick lima’s 1984/85 cracking boots not too expensive but quality.

  4. Gabriel Bannom Reply

    Had a pair of Keegan Avenger with the red stripes back in the 80’s. The most comfortable boots I ever wore.

  5. Jim Barry Jr. Reply

    my fav ever football boots !!!!!

  6. Nick Wright Reply

    Decent pair of Keegans!

  7. Ziko Reply

    even though Patrick football boots ain’t that popular nowadays .. i really love wearing them .. they’re comfy .. and i’m used to wearing them since i was really young .. every year i had to buy a new one and i adored them all ..

  8. Jose Luis Reply

    I always liked traditional styled football boots and, eventhough I usually wear Adidas World Cup and Copa Mundial, I once bought an awesome pair of Patrick Platini boots with removable studs, back in 1985. They were so good that after a match someone stole them from my bag!

  9. Ian Wragg Reply

    Great article,Patrick boots always had a bit of style and a unique stud system,I myself wore Patrick football boots in 1974.I played for Stockport County and started wearing a pair of Patrick boots which were a lovely soft black leather with yellow stripes,a yellow ankle support collar and a yellow sole,they looked the business.

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